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We Are Studio SJS

Making Precious Moments of your Wedding

We are Studio SJS! As a professional wedding Photography & Videography Company from Bangalore, we have been Creating Creative, Emotional and natural photos and videos of weddings for the last 10 years.

We are on the road for you to capture the most beautiful memories of your wedding. We love to capture the beauty of the moment – and Studio SJS give everything for that! For us, photography is a craft and art at the same time. Our unique Wedding videos and Wedding Photos will always put a smile on your face and remind you of your most Beautiful Day.

The big feelings, the dearest guests, the most beautiful party of your life – We package all of this in your very own wedding Photos & Videos


Celebrating Relationships! – that’s what we are about! Studio SJS is a Professional Wedding Photography & Cinematography Company originating from Bangalore, serving stories and frames across anywhere in Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and any major cities of the country. Providing quality services at unbeatable prices clubbed with super fast delivery of outs is of Primordial importance! After all, it’s all about dreams that come true.



As a Wedding Photography Company in Bangalore and the surrounding area, but also throughout India, we capture the big and small moments for you and create memories for you that you will keep in your heart forever. We don’t just Capture wedding photos, but also focus on your personality, your love and your peculiarities. Your wedding party is as unique as you are and you are fully in focus – just as you are. Based on our many years of experience, we know that every wedding couple and every wedding are Unique.



You’re wedding with its countless unique moments: The bride’s styling on the morning of the wedding when the nervousness hangs in the air. Small supportive gestures between groomsmen and the Bride and Groom. The moment when the newlyweds meet for the first time. The warm greeting of the Guests.

The Big Emotional Moment during the wedding is when the bride and groom say yes. The smiling faces of the bride and groom and guests during the subsequent congratulations and celebrations.

We are here to help you to remember the best days.

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Why Studio SJS


Traditional Wedding, Contemporary Wedding, Fusion Wedding, Themed weddings- we take it all. Being the Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, We provide the Best Candid Photography for weddings all over India.

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With mind-blowing videos and breath-taking photographs, relive your best day with Studio SJS. We Believe in marriage, the most sacred and beautiful occasion. We help you memorize the beautiful days.


Create your memories, and we will save them for you. For as long as you live, relive your days. Go back in time and feel the wedding bliss, fun and joy with the living photographs. We fill hearts with happy memories.


Frame the biggest day of your life with the fantastic wedding photography of Studio SJS. Our work has made happy hearts- Tagged as the best wedding photographer in Bangalore.


With the best candid and wedding photographers, Studio SJS lets you witness all the wonderful moments of your big day. We make sure we do not miss out on even the slightest details because beauty lies in the smallest things.


In a wedding day, every single Aspect matters and those moments will be the valuable décor of the day. Bringing those moments into the frames without losing the emotion is called the art of wedding photography.