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Baby Shower Photography Bangalore

A special little someone is on the way! Baby showers are incredibly special events. These events deserve to be attended by all friends, family members, and well-wishers. More importantly, they deserve to be documented in a professional and artistic manner. That’s what Studio SJS is here for! Our baby shower photographers in Bangalore can help you document this special event in grand style.

We know how difficult it is to host successful baby shower parties. In between sending out invitations, putting up decorations, and arranging food for the guests – couples don’t get enough time to address their photography-related needs. That’s where you can rely on our experienced baby shower photographers in Bangalore. From pre-planning the event to post-production & editing – our experts will guide you every step of the way.

Gifts, guests, mom, dad, relatives, and decorations – our photographers don’t miss any details while documenting these special occasions.

What’s So Special About Our Baby Shower Photographers in Bangalore?

Baby showers are complex events. From taking care of the pregnant mom to attending to the guests – the hosts of these events always have countless responsibilities on their shoulders. Studio SJS aims to relieve our clients of these responsibilities by overseeing all photography-related responsibilities.

We have years of experience providing wedding & birthday photography in Bangalore. We leverage this experience to –


  • Provide Custom Baby Shower Photography Packages: Each baby shower photo shoot in Bangalore that we perform is unique. But, they have some common elements. Images optimized for social media posts. Candid clicks. Group pictures. Carefully staged pictures of all the guests. These are the common elements that every top-quality baby shower photoshoot should feature. Our photographers always include these types of classic images in our final albums.


  • Capture the Little Details: Guests chattering away. Well-wishers blessing the pregnant mother. The soon-to-be mother opening up all the presents. There are hundreds of such little but special moments in every baby shower celebration. Our baby shower photographers in Bangalore know how to capture these moments in the most authentic way possible. They leverage their expertise in candid photography to create the most detailed baby shower albums for our clients.


Create Everlasting Memories: The baby we’re celebrating today will one day grow up to see the pictures from his/her baby shower ceremony. Everyone at Studio SJS is aware of this fact. That’s why we take photos that have a timeless feel. Our baby shower photos never feel old or outdated because of the emotions we capture in our snaps.

Baby Shower Photographer in Bangalore

Even a basic baby shower photo shoot in Bangalore will require hours of planning. How’s the lighting? How should we arrange the presents? Which guests need to be captured together on photos? There are several small but important details that photographers need to consider before executing such photoshoots.

At Studio SJS we believe in collaboration. Our team plans the event days in advance to ensure that we don’t miss out on any critical detail. From pre-event planning to post-production & editing – expect nothing but 100% collaboration from our end.

Team Up with the Most Acclaimed Baby Shower Photographers in Bangalore

The pictures we click of your baby shower today will be viewed by countless people in your family in the future. We understand the value of these events and we respect it by giving our clients premium-grade services. Our baby shower photographers in Bangalore are determined to deliver exceptional photography services that our clients cherish for a lifetime.

Allow us to be a part of your celebrations. Check out our portfolio. If you like our work – please contact us!

Traditional Photography

Baby showers are auspicious events full of traditional practices & customs. Capturing these moments & making them live forever is every parent’s duty. Studio SJS helps hundreds of parents address these responsibilities every year. Our traditional baby shower photographers capture every moment from the event & convert them into timeless pieces of art. From pre-arranged family portraits to candid moments of guests celebrating the occasion – our photographers never miss a beat!

Traditional Videography

Baby showers are special events that deserve to be documented in the grandest of ways. Our videographers have covered hundreds of baby showers in the past. From planning the shoots to curating family photographs – they do everything it takes to capture these ultra-special moments in 4K, high-definition videos. We’ll ensure that your baby shower celebrations live on forever!

Candid Photography

Baby showers are full of pure, unforgettable moments. From prayers & rituals to guests giving the pregnant mother gifts & blessings – there are countless candid moments that deserve to be framed & celebrated forever. Our professional photographers are trained to capture these special candid moments in the friendliest of manners. We’ll capture every pure moment in your baby shower & present them in premium-quality images!

Candid Videography

Welcoming a baby into the world is the most special moment that you can experience. At Studio SJS, we believe that these moments deserve to be preserved forever. That’s why we offer the most advanced candid videography services at baby showers. We’ll cover the entire event. We’ll arrive early, plan the shoot, & collaborate with you on how the final video should look. More importantly, we’ll use the latest camera equipment to document your baby shower in high-definition 4K quality.

Drone (Aerial Shots)

Want to add a touch of magnificence to your baby shower? Allow us to collect aerial footage of the event! We’re one of the very few photography/videography companies in India to offer such advanced yet cost-effective aerial photography services. We’ll bring the most advanced drone camera equipment to your baby shower & ensure that we capture every little detail of your special ceremony.

Display Unit

Want to display your baby shower photos in style? Allow us to create the finest baby shower albums. We’ll present your baby shower photos in high-resolution formats. You can print these photos on all types of paper – from photo collage prints to fine canvas prints. Use these prints to create stunning display units in your home!

YouTube Live Streaming

Baby showers are special events that deserve to be celebrated on the biggest of scales! With our help, you can do so by livestreaming your ceremony on YouTube! We have multiple livestream technicians in our team. They’ll help you set up a YouTube livestream of your baby shower in no time! Use this stream to broadcast your joy to friends, family members, & the rest of the world!

Extra Services

Baby showers are busy events. It’s completely normal for the hosts to feel exhausted. At Studio SJS, we understand how stressful these events can be because we cover hundreds of them every year. At every baby shower, our team offers all types of extra services to our customers – no questions asked! Be it helping with decorations or crowd management – our technicians can help you with a variety of things!

Here are some of our latest Baby Shower Photoshoot.