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Team Up with the Most Acclaimed Engagement Photographers in Bangalore

Engagements are events where two souls become one heart. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves to be documented in the best way possible. Studio SJS is proud to have overseen hundreds of engagement events over the past decade.

We know that the children & the grandchildren of our clients will look back at the photos we take. That’s why our expert team of engagement photographers in Bangalore doesn’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to clicking picture-perfect moments.

Planning an engagement in a unique, outdoor, or indoor location? Our engagement photographers have years of experience documenting such events. Want to incorporate amusing themes or stunning, bright outfits in your engagement celebrations? Again, Studio SJS has years of experience professionally photographing such lavish events.

What Our Engagement Photographers in Bangalore Bring to the Table

Engagement photographs must capture the feelings of the people involved in the event. We want our clients to remember how they felt about their relationships while getting engaged every time they look at our engagement photographs.


Our engagement photographers in Bangalore have decades of experience capturing candid moments at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. This experience gives them the unique ability to reflect the authentic emotions of our clients through our pictures. They know how to capture precious candid moments by using multiple cameras from different angles.


At Studio SJS, our goal is to ensure that our clients never miss out on documenting a special moment. We aspire to use engagement photography Bangalore to tell authentic stories of love-struck couples who decide to enter the holy union of marriage. We’re passionate about creating high-definition, artistic images that our clients can treasure forever.

A Diverse Range of Styles

Studio SJS’ uniquely fresh & atmospheric style of photography is celebrated by shutterbugs across the country. Every year, we recruit the finest photographers in India who further propel the brand name of Studio SJS. Allow these professionals to document your engagement in style. We can guarantee you that it’ll be a decision that you cherish for the rest of your life!

We Specialize in All Types of Engagement Photography in Bangalore

Planning and executing an engagement event is stressful. We know this because we oversee several engagement events every month. We know that our clients expect nothing but the best from us. Studio SJS meets these expectations by providing them with a plethora of options. We specialize in different styles of engagement photography in Bangalore, such as –


  • Comfortable with all locations. We can provide engagement photography services in studios, outdoor locations, or indoor locations.


  • Custom styles. Our clients get to custom-design the final look of the photos. From traditional Indian style photography to fine art photography – our photographers specialize in various styles.


  • Candid photography. Our photographers are masters at capturing the candid moments that highlight & celebrate the individuality of our clients and their family members.


We can provide printed and digital versions of your engagement photographs in all sizes and resolutions. You can then display them as art pieces in your home, upload them on the internet, or use them to create photo albums.

Team Up with the Best Photographers in Bangalore

We are the best photographers in Bangalore because we believe in collaboration. From scheduling your engagement shoot to delivering the final edits on time – we always communicate & collaborate with our clients every step of the way. We’ll arrange shoot sessions that are completely tailored to your time or location-related needs.

These qualities make us the most cherished engagement photographers in Bangalore. Check out our portfolio. If you love it (which you will!) please contact us!

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography is a complicated but rewarding art. That’s why Studio SJS is proud to employ some of the finest traditional photographers in India. They’ve covered hundreds of engagement celebrations in the past. From pre-arranging traditional shots to curating classic couple portraits – they can do it all! We only use the latest photography equipment to capture all the classic moments at engagements. We’ll make sure that your engagement photos look as elegant as classical paintings!

Traditional Videography

Indian engagement ceremonies are full of ancient customs, practices, & traditions. At Studio SJS, our videographers are trained to capture all of these moments in grand style. We use the latest videography equipment to capture all the special, candid moments at these events. Once we capture these special moments in HD videos, we add music & images to them & present them as awe-inspiring engagement films.

Candid Photography

Candid photography is a unique skill that our professional photographers have mastered by covering hundreds of live events. They capture every candid moment in engagement ceremonies in the friendliest of ways. They’re trained to manage crowds & artfully capture the raw moments that often go unnoticed at these events. We can guarantee you that the candid moments we capture at your engagement ceremony will be your favourite pictures in the final engagement album!

Candid Videography

Two hearts coming together to form one love – engagement ceremonies are super-special events that deserve to be documented in grand style. With our assistance, you can showcase the fantastical tale of your engagement in cinematic style! From creating film concepts & scripts to arranging pre-engagement shoots as per your convenience – our videographers can do it all! They’re trained to convert basic engagement video footage into awe-inspiring pieces of cinema through artful editing. They’ll capture every key moment before & during your engagement & present them in high-definition videos.

Drone (Aerial Shots)

Add a touch of cinematic magnificence to your engagement photo & video albums by getting our aerial photography services! We use the latest drone technology to capture high-definition aerial footage of our clients’ engagement ceremonies. Our drones will capture the most striking images from your ceremony. These images are guaranteed to make your final engagement album seem like a big budget movie!

Display Unit

Create the most awe-inspiring display units at your engagement ceremony with our assistance! Our high-quality engagement photographs can be easily converted into photo collage prints, classic framed photographs, & fine canvas prints. Use these different versions of your engagement photos to create stunning display units & decorative gallery walls. Display your pre-engagement & engagement photos in the most stylish way ever with our assistance!

YouTube Live Streaming

Broadcast your special day to the world with the help of our livestream technicians & videographers! Allow them to set up high-quality YouTube livestreams of your engagement ceremony. Anyone in the world can view this livestream & join in on your celebrations. Our livestream technicians have several years of experience providing engagement livestream services. That’s why our YouTube livestreams always have high-quality video and audio.

Extra Services

Need an extra hand managing the crowd or taking care of all the lighting equipment at your engagement ceremony? You can always rely on Studio SJS’ trained technicians for all types of extra assistance. We always treat our clients as partners. Our technicians uphold this sense of partnership by making themselves available for all types of extra tasks– no questions asked!

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