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Home to the Most Innovative Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

Your actual wedding may only last a day. But, your wedding photographs will last a lifetime. That’s why documenting weddings in the best way possible is a vital responsibility. Everyone at Studio SJS treats this responsibility with utmost importance. We employ the most committed, artistic, and experienced wedding photographers in Bangalore.

Here’s a brief glimpse into the capabilities of our expert photographers at Studio SJS.

Couple Outdoor Photoshoot

Our wedding photographers in Bangalore have extensive experience shooting in scenic, outdoor locations. Be it the beach or a hill station resort – members of the Studio SJS team will capture the perfect outdoor photos at your preferred destinations. We always come prepared for the elements. We also use advanced lighting tools, polarizing filters, compositional tools, and custom exposure settings to ensure the pictures look perfect.

Candid Films

How did the couple meet? When did love happen? What are your hopes for the future? These details are crucial to any couple’s story. Studio SJS believes in capturing these moments that build up to the final wedding day. We take brides and grooms for candid film shoots way before the final wedding day.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

From timeline planning to designing your final wedding album – we work hand-in-hand with our clients through every step of the process. That’s what makes our team of contemporary photographers different. They use innovative photography techniques (e.g., using tilt-shift lenses) at different stages of the wedding process & make them look new-age and unique.


Studio SJS is proud to have one of the most extensive professional portfolios in this industry. From boudoir photography to glamour shots to traditional wedding clicks – you’ll find everything in our professional portfolio. Please check out our portfolio & the pictures from some of our latest projects. If you love them (like our clients) – don’t hesitate to connect with us.

Innovative “Traditional” Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

Although traditional photography is a conventional technique of capturing wedding pictures, our photographers always add a touch of innovation to these photographs. Our traditional photographs always capture the bride, groom, and wedding guests in their best elements. Here are some of the shots our new-age traditional photographers always capture at weddings –


  • We always capture all the rituals & traditional practices that take place in weddings. We arrive early to ensure we don’t miss any of the action.


  • Detailed bridal shoots to capture the ultimate bridal poses – from classy, royal poses to photos customized for social media platforms.


  • Romantic couple shots in different indoor/outdoor locations.


  • Pictures of Sangeet celebrations, baarat entrances, and bridal entrance ceremonies.


  • Full family portraits that capture all wedding guests in their glory.


We create shot lists in advance with the wedding planners to ensure we don’t miss a beat.

Candid & Authentic Photography

Laughter, tears, surprise, and pure joy – our candid photographs always capture these emotions in their rawest forms. In this world of staged, fake-looking, and non-authentic photographs, we aspire to capture your most authentic moments in candid photos. Our wedding photographers in Bangalore are masters at capturing candid photos that reflect spontaneity.

Traditional Photography

Creating timeless pieces of art – that’s what our traditional wedding photographers are trained to achieve. They always capture classic wedding portraits that look as good as classical paintings. They pre-arrange shots & curate awe-inspiring poses & moments for the couple & their family members. We guide and correct our clients throughout the traditional photoshoot sessions & capture the raw beauty of these classic moments.

Traditional Videography

Kanya Daan, Vivaaha Homa, Pani Grahanam, Pratijñā Karana – these are just some of the traditions that are observed in Indian weddings. Studio SJS’ photojournalists are trained to capture each of these special moments in 4K HD videos. Our versatile videographers can film in any visual style/tone that you request. We own the latest equipment. Our team can also come up with unique concepts, scripts, & ideas for your wedding video shoot.

Candid Photography

Our professional photographers have covered hundreds of live events. They know what it takes to capture candid moments of wedding guests in an unobtrusive and friendly manner. We promise to capture every special moment in your wedding & present them in high-resolution images. The candid moments we manage to capture often turn out to be the best pictures in the final wedding album!

Candid Videography

Narrate the story of your wedding in the best way possible! Before the shoot starts, we’ll collaborate with you to create the perfect wedding film concept & script. Then, our wedding photographers will capture every moment leading up to your big day. On the wedding day, our videographers and candid photographers will cover the entire event location. They’ll combine to narrate the story of your wedding through the mix of high-definition videos, images, and music.

Drone (Aerial Shots)

Want to add the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage to your wedding album? Studio SJS is proud to be one of the very few photography companies in town to offer premium-grade aerial photography services. We use the latest drone technology to capture every little detail of your grand ceremony from the sky! We promise to capture the most stunning aerial shots of your wedding venue & guests. Our drone photography services will add a powerful sense of scale to your wedding photographs.

Display Unit

Want to display your wedding photos in style? We’ll help you create incredible wedding albums but that’s not all. Want to display your show-stopping photos in a classic frame? We’ll ensure that your high-resolution wedding photos look incredible when printed on high-quality paper. Our wedding photos can also be converted into fine canvas prints or photo collage prints. We can also take pictures of the couple before the wedding & use those photographs to create a decorative gallery wall on the wedding day.

YouTube Live Streaming

If some of your friends or family members are unable to attend your big day, you can livestream your ceremony with our help! Our team of wedding photography team is full of professional livestream technicians. They’ll team up with our videographers to set up an HD YouTube livestream of your wedding. We’ll even provide the link to your wedding’s livestream for easy sharing. Your stream will have both high-quality audio and video.

Extra Services

Weddings are chaotic events. It’s always helpful to have trained technicians around. At Studio SJS, we believe in collaborations – not business relationships. That’s why we’re always open to providing all types of extra services. Be it performing crowd management or capturing moments that weren’t planned or requested for before – you can always rely on us to be helpful when you need it the most!

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